Wat Makutkasat

Wat Makutkasat

Wat Makutkasattriyaram Rajawaravihara | Second Class Royal Temple | Presiding Buddha Image: Phra Buddha Vachira Mongkut

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Wat Makutkasattriyaram Rajawaravihara (Wat Makutkasat) located on the edge of Bangkok’s historical center Rattanakosin. The temple was built next to the Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem that had been dug out to serve as a moat protecting the old center of town, called Rattanakosin. It is officially a royal temple in the category of Rajawaravihara, second class.

King Rama IV wished to have temples built along its banks as had been done in Ayutthaya . Thus he had a temple constructed as companion to Wat Somanas. This temple was completed in 1868 and was originally called Wat Nam Banyad. At the end of the reign the temple was renamed Wat Makutkasattriyaram, which was the royal style and title of King Rama IV.

Wat Makutkasat and Wat Somanas are the only two temples in Rattanakosin District that have two rings of sema, or boundary stones. The first ring, called the Maha sima (Great Sema), is placed in inches in the temple walls, while the second ring, called the Khantha sima, surrounds the uposatha hall. In temples that have two rings of sema, the monks can perform religious ceremonies in both the uposatha and the vihara.

The gables and on the door and window frames are decorated with the royal crown which was the insignia of King Rama IV. The numerous murals inside the uposatha hall differ from those found in other temples in that they depict scenes from stories in Pali about the Buddha's disciples, commentaries from stories of 11 chief male disciples and the 9 chief female disciples, and illustration of meditation techniques, commandments to observe and so forth, Khmer incantations are inscribed on the door and window panels.

Pom Prap Sattru Phai, Bangkok, Thailand.

Opening hours
The Temple is Open Daily from 08.30 A.M. - 06.30 P.M.

Credits: Wat Makutkasattriyaram Rajawaravihara

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