Wat Rajaorasaram

Wat Rajaorasaram

Wat Rajaorasaram Rajawaravihara | First Class Royal Temple | Presiding Buddha Image: Phra Buddha Anantagun Adulayana Bophit | Temple of King Rama III Phrabat Somdet Phra Poramintharamaha Jessadabodindra Phra Nangklao Chao Yu Hua

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Wat Rajaorasaram Rajawaravihara is a First Class Royal Temple, It was built during Ayutthaya period. The original name was “Wat Chom Thong”. It is a Royal Temple of King Rama III. History said when he was a crown prince during King Rama II, there was a rumor that Burmese army were on their way to take Rattanakosin.

The crown prince was sent as a commander-in-chief for to fight the Burmese army. While traveling along Cho Praya river going to the battle, He saw Wat Chom Thong and made a wish for the battle to be successful and that he could be able to come back to the city again.

His wish was granted, after came back safely from the battle, he was determined to restore Wat Chom Thong as if it was just built. After 14 years of full restoration, King Rama II (father of King Rama III) gave the name “Wat Rajaorasaram Rajawaravihara” meaning ‘the temple that The King’s son was built”

There were Chinese-style influences the main Uposatha (main hall) Vihara and many of the ornaments in the temple, mostly to the King Rama III ’s liking.

Chom Thong, Bangkok, Thailand.

Bus Nos. 10, 43, 120
Air-conditioned bus Nos. 9

Opening hours
The Temple is Open Daily from 09.00 A.M. - 05.00 P.M.

Special Thanks to Khun Naifah Chandrabhaya, Mr.Stephen Jaggs editor.

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